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Working in a Confined Space - S3 Blended Course

Blended - Online with 4 hour practical
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Working in a Confined Space Stage 3 - Online

Our online courses have been created to keep you and your team onsite longer than in the classroom, while still giving you the tools to do your job safely.

The theory and assessment component for Working in a Confined Space - Stage 3 are completed online, which will take approx 8 hours. You will then book your time to come into the training centre to complete the practical component, which will take a maximum of 4 hours. 


Confined Spaces pose a number of critical risks to those required to work in the space. It is vital that all involved in the work understand these risks and how to effectively manage them. Our course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand the hazards/risks, permit and documentation requirements, control measures, monitoring and testing requirements, responsibilities and duties to undertake confined space work.


We highly recommend the completion of Stage 3 as you will gain the knowledge to safely work in a confined space as well as have practical experience in atmospheric testing, planning and conducting an entry.


NZQA unit standards include

US 18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces. (Level 3, Credits 4)

US 17599 Plan a confined space entry (Level 4, Credits 5)

US 25510 Operate an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safely (Level 3, Credits 4)




Stage 1  (US 18426) is recommended for people who need to understand the requirements and risks associated with working in a confined space. You will learn about confined spaces, and their permit notification and implementation requirements; identify control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimise the risk of hazards in confined spaces; demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements; and describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces.


Stage 2 (US 18426, 17599) is recommended for people required to plan the safe entry for work in a confined space. You will complete Stage 1 as well as be able to:

  • identify hazards and controls within confined spaces
  • develop an emergency procedure plan for a confined space
  • complete documentation required for confined space entry.



Stage 3 (US 18426, 17599, 25510) is recommended for people responsible for testing the atmosphere of a confined space and interpreting the results. You will complete Stage 1, Stage 2 as well as learn to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of atmospheric testing in potentially hazardous environments
  • conduct atmospheric tests
  • interpret and respond to atmospheric testing results


Anyone who carries out confined space work needs to be familiar with the standard AS2865, and should have specialist training as well.


Provide training for all workers who may be involved in confined space work, including stand-by persons, to ensure they have the skills to safely do this work. Regularly reassess their competency for working in confined spaces. Workers who use detectors to test whether the atmosphere is safe must be trained to use them correctly. (Reference: Worksafe – Planning entry and working safely in a confined space)



You can start at any stage, the stage is representative of the number of unit standards covered.



Yes – please contact us and we can arrange the ticket for you



Other unit standards available upon request

US 3058 Perform gas tests for energy and chemical plant

US 25044 Wear and operate compressed air breathing apparatus in the workplace

US 19205 Demonstrate knowledge of pathogens, diseases, and their control in the water industry

US 19207 Confined space entry in the infrastructure industry


The BeSafe Guarantee for online courses

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your online BeSafe course that we will happily refund 100% of the course fee if you are not satisfied. See T’s & C’s


Working in a Confined Space Stage 3 - Online Our online courses have been created to keep you and your team onsite longer than... more

Working in a Confined Space - Stage 3 $499.55 +GST

Available 1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

You can pay for this booking by: Credit/Debit Card (fee of 2.50% per booking applies)

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