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Working at Heights (Wiri)

Stage 2 and 3
Thursday 22nd August 2024 7:30am NZST
Besafe Training Wiri, 211 Roscommon Road, Wiri, Auckland View Map


If you work at height it is important that you have the correct training to perform the task safely and understand the risks involved. Our training course will provide you with the knowledge and hands on experience to ensure that you understand your responsibilities and have the skills work safely at height.



All harness work requires training and competence and only trained and competent personnel can install and use harness systems on site. Persons not trained should be inducted by the system installer or other qualified persons before they are permitted to use the system. They should also be supervised at all times by another person who is also trained and competent.


Stage 2 (US17600 and US23229): For workers who are to complete work using a fall arrest harness whilst attached to a fall-arrest system, a recommended means of achieving competence is NZQA Unit Standard 23229 – Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height , or an equivalent or higher qualification.


Stage 3 (US17600, US23229 and US15757): A recommended means of obtaining competence for workers who are involved in planning, installing, operating fall arrest systems and supervising staff is NZQA Unit Standard 15757 – Use, install and disestablish proprietary fall arrest systems when working at height or an equivalent or higher level of qualification. NZQA Unit Standard 23229 is a prerequisite for achieving NZQA Unit Standard 15757. (Source: Best practice guidelines for working at height in New Zealand)


Stage 2 and 3 course requires trainee/s to display good level of physical and motor fitness to demonstrate competency and achieve US 23229 and US 15757


Completion of unit standards 23229 and 15757 provide credits towards Besafe Training Ltd's New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety practice (Level 3) 


Other unit standards available upon request:

  • US 25045 Employ height safety equipment in the workplace
WORKING AT HEIGHTS If you work at height it is important that you have the correct training to perform the task safely and... more

Stage 2 US 17600, 23229 $302.55 +GST
Thu 22 Aug 7:30am - 3:30pm Stage 2: 7:30am-3:30pm

Available 6 May 2024 - 21 Aug 2024

Stage 3 US 17600, 23229, 15757 $488.34 +GST
Thu 22 Aug 7:30am - Fri 23 Aug 12:00pm Day 1: 7:30am - 3:30 pm
Day 2: 7:30am - 12:00 pm

Available 6 May 2024 - 21 Aug 2024

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