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ConstructSafe Tier 1 Assessment

Friday 27th March 2020 2:30pm NZDT
Besafe Training Centre, 220J Bush Road, Auckland View Map
This Course has been postponed until further notice. We will attempt to contact all ticket-holders when the Course is re-scheduled. Otherwise, please check back here regularly for updates.

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Tier 1 - Foundation Health & Safety

The Tier 1 Foundation Health & Safety assessment is delivered as an online test and consists of 50 questions that relate to basic health and safety and is designed for EVERYONE working on a construction site. Questions are either ‘multi-choice’ or ‘point and click’ and have audio to eliminate language barriers.


Assessments are conducted in accredited test centres by accredited testing supervisors.


The test begins with a mandatory section of 10 questions which focuses on the minimum required knowledge of construction health and safety:

• Principles of reporting

• Legal obligations to report health and safety incidents and occurrences

• The right to refuse to undertake work not trained or competent to carry out

• Escalating serious health and safety issues on site

• Reacting to situations presenting immediate danger

• Recognising substances which cause impairment

• Employers duties to communicate known risks and controls

• Engagement with health and safety representatives

• Empowerment to stop work


The remainder of the test is then divided into 8 categories where 5 questions for each are randomly selected from the question bank. Below is an outline of categories and question topics:

1. General

• Site access and security

• Drugs and alcohol

• Sun exposure

• Housekeeping

• Manual handling

• Hand arm vibration

• Safety signs and symbols


2. Working at height

• Common work activities at height

• Common risks associated with height

• Competency and authorisation requirements

• Basic steps to control the risk

• Safe use of ladders and steps


3. Hazardous substances

• Long term health effects

• Immediate health effects

• Acute safety risks arising from dangerous substances

• Safety data sheets

• Spills


4. Emergencies

• Emergency plans

• Immediate actions

• Types of emergency

• Training and drills

• Emergency equipment


5. Mobile Plant

• Associated risks

• Common precautions

• Competency requirements for operators


6. Site Traffic

• Traffic management plans

• Common risk controls

• Exclusion zones and blind spots

• Vehicle movement plans


7. Utilities and services

• Risk assessment and planning

• Permits and competency requirements

• Common risks and precautions

• Identification of services


8. Confined spaces

• Definition of a confined and restricted spaces

• Associated risks

• Permits and training requirements

• Signs and symbolsless

Book your ConstructSafe Tier 1 assessment now.  Tier 1 - Foundation Health & Safety The Tier 1 Foundation Health &... more

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Available 12 Mar 2020 - 24 Mar 2020

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